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WaterSource Technologies will significantly increase the value of your property


Dripping faucet detected with bay area water conservation tool

Here’s how:

  • An apartment building with 24 units has a $500 dollar a month water bill plus or minus 15%.
  • If the complete Pythos system is installed:
    • $500 dollars a month cost now shifts to the tenants.
    • That is $500 dollars in the pocket of the apartment building owner every month.
  • The Operating Expenses of the building now improves by $500 dollars a month.
    • That improvement also improves the yearly net operating income of the building.
  • The total value of a building is based on net income.
    • Under current market conditions, $1,000 dollars of net income equals $100,000 in market value.
  • A building that nets:
    • $25,000 a month in gross rent.
    • $11,000 a month in expenses.
    • Market value of around $3.4 million.

Las Vegas Hotel Leak and water damage detection

After installation of the Pythos system:

  • Water damage repair cost and the water bill have been significantly reduced.
  • The monthly expenses dropped by $1,000.
  • The value of the building just went up $100,000 if it was to be sold.
  • The owner also gets to save $500 every month.
  • The building would now be worth 3.6 million or more from the cost savings of not having any water damage.
  • The Pythos system can make you 3 to 4 times the cost of the system in the first year.
Home kitchen with leak detection and smart device installed

Quick Response

Cloud based advanced sub metering on both hot and cold water lines. System will immediately notify you of any leaks detected in your building.

San Francisco water conservation app

Community Implimentation

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Wine and Beer Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Multi-family Buildings
  • Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos
  • Department Stores
  • Government and Military Complexes
Hotel Room leak and flood management

Hotel Water Management

30% of all potable water is lost due to infrastructure and plumbing leaks in housing, industry, and agriculture. These leaks lead to water shortages, property damage, and environmental issues. Current technologies for water leak detection are ineffective and can only find the leak after significant damage has already occurred. California alone leaks more than 11 billion gallons of water a year. WaterSource Technologies solves that problem.